Find a smarter way to shop with Snapcart

Don’t throw away your receipts. Turn your daily and monthly grocery shopping receipts into extra cash and find a more exciting way to shop with Snapcart!



Various Products from All Kinds of Categories

Hundreds of products are available with cashback promotions that keep on changing at any time. Check out which product is on promotion on Snapcart application to get more updates and cashbacks.

Bonus Features to Win Extra Prizes

Other than cashbacks, Snapcart also offers chances to win extra cash prizes. Be an active user on Snapcart and routinely upload photos of your receipts to access the bonus features. The more active you use Snapcart, the bigger the cashback.


Clear, Transparent, and Free Cashback System

The amount of cashback for each product is set from the very beginning. Users can calculate the cashback that they get after the receipts have been verified. The cashback balance can be cashed out and transferred to users’ preferred bank account. Using Snapcart is also free of charge!

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How Snapcart Works

  • Check out the products listed on Snapcart. We have hundreds of products from various categories. Cashbacks will be renewed at anytime, so make sure to check out Snapcart application for updates.
  • Go and shop at your nearest convenient stores or supermarkets and buy the necessary products listed on Snapcart. You can buy anything you want at the stores, so buying the listed products is not a must.
  • Snap, or take a photo of your shopping receipts using Snapcart application.¬†Make sure the photo shows all the information on it, from name of the stores and the address to the total number of your purchase. For long receipts, take several photos and upload them through Snapcart application.
  • Your receipts will be validated within 7 (seven) working days. Following the validation, your Snapcart balance will grow. When your balance have reached the minimum amount, you can choose to cashout and the money will be transfered to your preferred bank account within 7 (seven) working days.

What People Say About Snapcart

  • Testimonial
    Love the whole idea of this app! Women would definitely love this app :)
    Kelly Oktavian, Tech Entrepreneur
  • Testimonial
    I'm so happy that Snapcart exist. Now I can get cashbacks on my daily shopping from Rp. 500 - Rp. 1,000. That's really good!
    Endi Feng, Professional Makeup Artist
  • Testimonial
    Cool Application. The promotions are nifty!
    M. Panji, Executive
  • Testimonial
    Love it sooo much! The application is user-friendly, and the promotions are straightforward. Also, the cashing out process is easy!
    Nuni Edris, Housewive
  • Testimonial
    I was able to raise my cashback balance to Rp. 50,000 and easily cashed it out! The process was smooth and the application is awesome.
    Haekal, Lecturer

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