Fun Shopping Experience Starts Here

Snap Your Receipt

Use the camera button to take photos of your receipts. When you do, make sure you’re taking it from a bird’s eye (or 90 ̊) angle.

Quick Setup

We make it easy for you to sign up your Snapcart account. You can simply join in the fun through your Facebook or Twitter account!

Bonus Features

Collect your Coins to play our in-app game, Snaptastic! You can collect your Coins by taking part in our in-app fun activities like filling in Surveys, watch Videos or join the Selfie Challenge.

Cash Out

Once you have reached certain amount on your cashback balance, you can opt to cash it out into several options; bank transfer, mobile credits, or exchange it for shopping vouchers.

How It Works

Don’t throw away your receipts. Turn your daily and monthly grocery shopping receipts into extra cash and find a more exciting way to shop with Snapcart!

Receipts Processed