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Cosmetics for Indonesian Millennials

Beauty has been a human obsession since the dawn of civilization. Making oneself to appear beautiful has never ceased to exist even during the hardest times in history. When it comes to cosmetics, the use of it can be traced back to the eras of ancient civilizations like the ancient Sumerian where they would crushed gemstones and used them to decorate their faces. Today, cosmetics is a business with a global market estimated to be worth above US$500 billion. By 2020, the figure would grow to around US$ 675 billion.
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Indonesia: A 2016 Review

2016 has been quite a year. For Snapcart, 2016 marks our first anniversary as well as the year where we become a regional company with an expansion in the Philippines. However, for the market here in Indonesia, 2016 is the year where we have truly captured the shopping behavior of Indonesians for the whole year. So, to bid our farewell to the great year that it was, we are giving you a peek into what our real-time offline purchase analytics dashboard–CART–can do through a review of Indonesian market for the past year. Continue reading “Indonesia: A 2016 Review”

Snaptastic: 1 Million Play!

Today marks another special milestone—Snapcart app’s Snaptastic game has reached 1 million plays after only four months since the game was launched! Snaptastic is Snapcart’s answer to many of the brands’ biggest challenge, which is how to engage their consumers on a more meaningful way. The game itself started off as a monthly lucky-draw reward feature on the app that was then turned into a more dynamic and interactive game where the app’s users can instantly get rewards by joining in the fun.
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Still Bottled Water in Indonesia

Drinking water is one of the most vital resources on earth, and the idea of commercializing such commodity in the shape of bottled water was recorded to begun in the early 1600s in the United Kingdom. However it was not until the 1970s that bottled water was taking shape into what we know now—packaged in plastic bottles. Within the same decade, Indonesia saw its first bottled water company—PT. Golden Mississipi (now PT. Tirta Investama), or more popularly known for its still bottled water brand, Aqua.

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We Are The Champion: Snapcart Won Global Mobile Challenge 2016 Country Semifinal Indonesia

Today, Snapcart was announced to be the champion of Global Mobile Challenge (GMC) 2016 Country Semifinal Indonesia. The competition was part of the annual worldwide mobile app competition, Global Mobile Challenge 2016, with a penultimate final round that will be held in Barcelona in February next year. By winning the country semifinal, Snapcart will represent Indonesia for the next round of competition held in January next year, which is the Asia-Pacific Final Level in Singapore.
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Rise of Minimarkets: Indonesia’s Purchase Shift from Super and Hypermarkets to Minimarkets

Minimarkets in Indonesia have been hailed as the “killer” of supermarkets since 2012. Its rapid growth has been largely driven by the increasing numbers of Indonesia’s middle class, where the demands for products and convenience have steadily grow hand-in-hand. Despite the slight slowing down of the country’s economy in 2015, minimarkets’ growth didn’t show any signs of the same nature. According to the latest report by Fitch Ratings, there were about 1,200 additional new stores—from Indonesia’s two largest minimarket operators; Alfamart and Indomaret—opened their doors in 2015 for business throughout the archipelago, and the rating agency also expects an additional 1,000 stores to be open this year.
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The Habits of Filipino Convenience Store Shoppers

Over the years, The Philippines has seen a tremendous growth in the numbers of convenience store formats. Many researches have stated that convenience store channel is the fastest growing retail format in the country. Moreover, a report by Maybank ATR Kim Eng last year predicted that by the end of 2015, the isles nation saw the opening of a combined total of at least 100 new outlets across the country. So, along with this amazing development, Snapcart is looking into the behaviors of Filipino convenience store shoppers. Through our real-time shopping receipts data and surveys, the following are the answers to the questions like who are the Filipno convenience store shoppers? What do they buy? And what are their convenience store brands of choice?
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Out with the Old, In with the New Snapcart

Snapcart has recently launched a new version of its  mobile cashback application for their users in Indonesia and The Philippines. The new version of the application is letting its loyal users to upload their grocery shopping receipts more often, therefore giving them more chances to get more cashbacks. The new cashback system within this latest version will give cashbacks regardless of the grocery items the users bought, as oppose to the old system where the cashback is based on the available promoted products.
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Indonesia’s Social Media Behaviour

There are about 80 millions of active social media users in Indonesia. To put into perspective, that number is about a third of the country’s total population–and the numbers are predicted to grow to about 110 millions by 2019 (reported by This means that brands in Indonesia have the opportunities to  engage in a meaningful way with a large portion of the population through the platform. Then, how can brands market themselves through such platform? What do these 80 million Indonesians actually do when using their social media accounts? Which aspects of the social media that brands can truly engage with their consumers? So, with those questions in mind, we have gathered the data from our own 500,000 plus users and see how do they really interact within their social media accounts, here are our findings:
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